F101 168mm Small size patented dual-indicator flow meter

Easy to install, More stable flow field, Small size for small spaces, Patented dual-indicator, Laser engraved scales
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Water treatment

LORRIC new generation of flowmeter design innovation


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General Features

Other features
  • Patented dual-indicator design for easy and clear flow range management.
  • Laser engraved degree scales provide better readability and longer life.
  • Available in customizable units and specific gravity (SG).
  • Each batch of flow meters will be calibrated before delivery for our best precision guarantee.
  • Hastelloy float is available for specific high PH liquid usage.
  • Perpendicular joint is available for space saving installation.
  • Operating Conditions

 Full Scale Accuracy: ±5% F.S.

● Working pressure: 5.0kg/cm²




Why LORRIC Flow Meters?

「ACCURACY」is everything!

Patented dual-indicator

Patented dual-indicator design for easy and clear flow range management.

Laser engraved degree scales

Laser engraved degree scales provide better readability and longer life.

Delicate machining for float

We produce float based on our over 20 years of solid machining experience of producing nozzles. It leads every float got best and stable quality and excellent flow distribution for best on-site performance.



Please place your order according below information.

How to pleace an order for LORRIC flowmeters?

  • • You can find the exact Capacity Code according to your requirement of pressure, flow, and spray angle as the capacity & angle chart we provided above.
  • • Please refer to following order example for placing order to LORRIC.
  •   Example :


Series F101 PC F101 PSU F101H PSU
Applicable Fluid

Tap Water

Chemical and Non-organic Solvents

When chemicals are corrosive to stainless steel

Body Material PC PSU PSU
Float Material AISI 316 AISI 316 Ti / Hastelloy C
Guide Rod Material
O-ring Material
Union Nuts Material UPVC / Aluminum
Guide Rod Bottom Material PP
Scale Range(L/min) 0.2 - 2.0 L/min
0.5 - 5.0 L/min
1.0 - 10 L/min
1.5 - 15 L/min
2.0 - 20 L/min
Adaptor Size and Adaptor Material
Male Thread BSPT UPVC / PVDF 
Female Thread BSPT UPVC / PVDF
Welding Type UPVC
Butt-fusion Adaptor PP
  • * Liquid flow meters are calibrated for 20°C water. Gas flow meters are calibrated for normal conditions. ( 0°C , 1 atm)
  • * All adaptors can be manufactured to order, please contact us for price and lead time. Specs: adaptor 1/2" NPT male/ female thread (UPVC / PP / PSU) type is custom made, please contact us for details. Please refer to the chemical resistance chart for understanding if our flowmeters body and parts are acceptable for your solution.
  • * Above temperature information is for reference only and may not be applicable for all environments.
  • * Above flow rate range and materials is for standard specs. Please choose proper products according to your usage and environment conditions. You are welcome to contact us directly for any requests and advice. 
Adapter Spec   A     B   C   D     E  
1/2" Male Thread 164 85 39.5 43 49.5
1/2" Female Thread 166 85 40.5 43 49.5
1/2"CNS 166 85 40.5 43 49.5
1/2"ASTM 166 85 40.5 43 49.5
1/2"JIS 166 85 40.5 43 49.5
1/2" PVDF Female Thread 166 85 40.5 43 49.5




Step 1.
Please set up pipes vertically
Step 2.
Disassemble adaptors form flow meter body both ends
Step 3.
Connect adaptors with pipes (include union nuts)


Step 3-1.
Thread type: Wrap up Teflon tape around first for tight connection


Step 3-2.
Welding Type: Gluing adaptors and pipes, connect both together


Step 4.
After glue dried and getting steady, tightly connect adaptor with body with buts by hand


Detailed installation instructions




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