With a stubborn spirit and utmost care for the most minute of details regarding design, selection of materials and manufacturing, our quest to create the world’s best nozzles is unrelenting, just as our devotion to our clients’needs.

Flow Meters

Through our experience in delicate manufacturing and design, our instantly recognizable flowmeters combine accuracy and durability with an unparalleled ease of installation.


With our clients’ need for ease, security and comfort in the maintenance and installation of our nozzles in mind, we have carved high standards, efficiency, reliance and durability as our core values through which we developed our range of nozzle accessories to come to the aid of our customers in whichever difficulties that may arise.
  • Devoted to software development.

    Alan Kay, a pioneering American computer scientist said: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

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  • Brand-new LORRIC brand video

    Delivered by Taiwanese photographer, capturing the amazing Sperm whale while presenting a sense of perseverance and the brand spirit of LORRIC.

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