Relationship between flowmeter, measuring range, and linearity


Turndown Ratio:The ratio of maximum measure capacity to minimum measure capacity.


Below is the measuring range of various flowmeters.

Variable area flowmeter (Rotameter):0.05~3.5 m/s

Other brand paddle wheel flowmeter:0.3~10 m/s 

LORRIC AxleSense paddle wheel flowmeter:0.15~10 m/s

Ultrasonic flowmeter:0.1~20 m/s




Each flow measuring principle has its own physical limitation, which leads to different measurement ranges. Thus, users are recommended to select a suitable flowmeter based on their required measuring range and environment. Under a wider measuring range 0.3 ~ 10 m/s, the best linearity of all paddle wheel flow meters in the market is 0.5% FS (Full-scale error). If narrower measuring range is acceptable, the user can have better linearity in a smaller measuring range.

If users need higher precision in a smaller measuring range LORRIC recommends asking a system engineer for calibration services to reach a higher level of accuracy.

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