How LORRIC’s AxleSense technology improve the efficiency of routine mainteinance

In the manufacturing industry, with the mindset of improving yield rate and manufacturing efficiency, for extending equipment life, stabilizing equipment effectiveness, and preventing accidental losses and equipment shutdown caused by sudden failures, routine maintenance is very important and necessary to be implemented solidly for well factory management. Generally speaking, shutdown for the whole production line is needed while routine maintenance happens. Meanwhile, factory staff have to detailly work on the maintenance according to the checklist. All the routine maintenance process costs lots of time and costs. Therefore, the completeness of maintenance information and how accurate and fast the maintenance is executed will be the key to improve the efficiency and yield rate for production.

LORRIC AxleSense technology for paddle wheel flowmeter

LORRIC reformed the original induction magnets on paddle. We improved the flow measurement philosophy from measuring the time difference of each magnet on the paddle passing by the sensor to the angle difference of paddle rotation by brand new paddle and corresponding algorithm we invented which we called “AxleSense” technology. AxleSense greatly improved the measurement of extreme small flowrate and with the ability to real time monitor abnormalities of the paddle.

LORRIC’s patent AxleSense technology provides predictive maintenance. 

Before, the only way to know if the paddle wheel flowmeter is still working or not is checking if the measurement result is showing zero. However, besides it is not sure if the above situation does mean that the paddle wheel flowmeter was damaged. Once the paddle wheel flowmeter fails, unknown causes, and no further detailed information, and etc., will lead to factory shutdown for detecting and troubleshooting which makes lots of production cost and time lost.

After lots of interviews with clients and market research for years, LORRIC concludes two main factors caused paddle wheel flowmeter failure, magnet failure and damage of paddle’s axle. Patented AxleSense technology developed by LORRIC initiatively and smartly detects problems of zero flowrate which may be caused by paddle’s damage or disappearing, and furtherly provides detailed information of it.

If the user only has one equipement, the interface of LORRIC’s paddle wheel flowmeter is able to provide complete troubleshooting information. If the user has hundreds of equipements, it’s possible to take advantage of built-in RS485 and the controller to collect data and information.

To compare with routine maintenance, predictive maintenance is a more important concept for on-site management.

Generally speaking, routine maintenance means regular equipment shutdown for standard procedures, like inspection and cleaning, solving previously found problems which are not that serious. However, there is not any standard for severity judgement of these problems during the operation. These problems may be told to foremans by production line operators which they faced while working. The production line may be kept going or shut down immediately according to foremans’ judgement. At this time foremans’ experiences and individual ability decide the quality of these judgements. By the improvement of industrial automation, automated judgement is the trend for production line management.

Predictive maintenance is a way to find out signs of possible problems by algorithm through not well-used data and information and solving these problems which have not happened yet while routine maintenance. It greatly lowers the probability of accidental and unpredicted probability and decreases urgent orders to buy spare parts or a  large number of spare parts for the production line.

With the ever-changing nature of technology and conceptual innovation, industrial management changes rapidly day by day. Under the framework and management thinking of Industry 4.0, IoT technology can easily integrate various detailed data and information to maximize the effect of routine maintenance which is able to greatly improve management performance to increase yield rate and decrease the cost.

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