Under 5S management, LORRIC’s product design philosophy

 What is the 5S rule of factory and equipment management?

The 5S rule is about shaping the image of enterprise, reducing costs, delivering on time, safe production, high standardization, creating a comfortable workplace, on-site improvements, and enhancing product quality and competitiveness.



・Regular equipment maintenance and cleaning is a very important part of 5S management.

・The “easy loading and unloading design (the design for easy installation and uninstalltion)” of the equipment and its key components and consumables will effectively improve the efficiency of maintenance and cleaning.



LORRIC’s product design thinking makes the 5S reach standards easily.

The innovative installation and disassembly are only with few easy steps and no tools  make maintenance and cleaning of equipment quick and easy without too much time and effort.


QFSA body


With a saddle-shaped design, nozzles are easy to be welded on the spray plates or pipes, replaced and cleaned, easily disassembled and installed back. The base remains  nozzles in the same position as time goes by without any shifting, which makes nozzle repositioning unnecessary when reinstalling it after maintenance. The QFSA body is usually applied in acid washing process, semiconductors, and PCB industries which greatly reduces the inconvenience and errors at work, and solves customers’ problems and doubts during maintenance.



 Other LORRIC welding base nozzles that can help 5S

  KAD High Quality stainless steel flat fan spray nozzle   DVEH Cleaning Plastic Flat Fan Spray Nozzle




All series of Flowmeter

The indicator is designed on the side, which is different from the traditional style of displaying the scale directly in front, which greatly increases the recognition and accuracy of the scale.






F45-Magnetic Patented Dual-Indicator Flow Meter

 The magnetic Indicator is installed on the side to help identify the flow rate, even if it is used to identify the liquid used for a long time to produce precipitation or invisible liquid, it will not affect the flow recognition. It is often used in PCB, electroplating, cleaning, etc.





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