"AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter" - The future imagination of a smart energy-saving city

Taichung City Government Smart Energy-saving Community Benchmark Field Subsidy Program 

A while ago the Taichung City Government’s Smart Energy-saving Community Benchmark Field Subsidy Program handled by the Taichung City Government was executed by AUO, and aims to implement Taichung's low-carbon model city, to improve the energy use efficiency of communities within its jurisdiction, to implement community energy regeneration and power saving. This plan selects two communities as demonstration sites for smart energy-saving communities in Taichung City. By introducing the smart energy modules in two demonstration communities with "energy saving, energy storage, and energy creation" concept, it could help to effectively use energy management systems, energy storage systems, fuel cell power generation systems, solar photovoltaic power generation systems, etc. Various system modules are used to regulate the supply and demand of community electricity, and use digital energy management to monitor community electricity consumption to achieve more real-time and efficient energy management.

In the Taichung City Government’s Smart Energy-saving Community Benchmark Field Subsidy Program, AUO took advantage of LORRIC’s "AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter" as the bridge between water flow and energy management system.
"AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter" is mainly used in the monitoring of household water and wastewater discharge in the demonstration field of smart energy-saving community, with analog output self-charged 4-20mA, Modbus RTU RS485 two-wire and other wired communication. It can be seamlessly integrated with household smart energy-saving equipment to accurately monitor information such as water consumption, leaks, and wastewater discharge, in order to achieve the benefits of eliminating water waste factors, precise water control (saving water), and wastewater discharge control.

In this program, the "AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter" is used in the drainage meter to record the cumulative and instantaneous  flow rate, and through RS485 to record it in real time. In addition, this project further uses the real-time flow rate information in the "AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter" to mark different household water purposes, such as toilets, shower heads, flow counters, etc., as the parameters of the entire energy-saving system. To achieve the purpose of smart water saving.


Under climate change, water resource management has become one of the most important issues of environmental protection.

In the spring of 2021, Taiwan fell into its worst drought in 56 years. Many reservoirs hold less than 20% of the water, and some reservoirs have water levels below 10%. In the future, this situation may become an issue. Water resource management is not only an issue in the industry, but also an issue that is directly related to our lives.

In addition to establishing good water usage habits, if the government can take the lead in establishing household energy-saving systems and use advanced private technology to solve immediate problems, be prepared before the era of normal drought, mankind can still find the most suitable way for us to use the earth's resources and coexist peacefully with nature in the ever-changing environment.

Based on the "AxleSense paddlewheel flowmeter", LORRIC doesn’t only give insight into the needs of the industry, yet in this case can also expand our imagination of product usage scenarios, and can further assist in the establishment of a smart environmental protection system for people's livelihoods. It is a great driving force for us to keep improving in technology research and development.