Hey! PCB Industry personnel, are you struggling with problems of insufficient spray pressure with your wet processing equipment?


For the majority of users, the first reaction when facing problems of insufficient spray pressure is to replace the nozzle.

Following long term usage, the nozzle spout might wear out and become larger, what increases flowrate and in turn decreases spray pressure. Replacing the nozzle with a new identical one will at times solve the problem.

In some cases, however, even after replacement, spray pressure does not return to its original scope.


Most often than not, these problems are the consequence of replacing the existing nozzle for an “imitation nozzle”, a similar looking nozzle of lower production quality.

While these imitation nozzles appear similar to the original product, they are not made under the same quality assurances or follow the original manufacturer’s exact design, and thus the spray pressure most often does not return to the needed set spray pressure of the original nozzle. The manufacturers of these imitation nozzles rely on recycled materials, or on replacing PVDF for PP to reduce manufacturing costs, thus lowering the product’s life expectancy. In order to pass pressure tests, these nozzles are equipped with a smaller spout that ramps up the spray pressure to achieve the expected result, but on the expense of production quality, and in turn, the equipment’s life expectancy.


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