How process signal meter improves the usability of flowmeters and other kinds of sensor

The industrial pipeline arrangement for factories or any related site is usually designed and constructed according to a lot of factors and mindsets which may lead to the installation of monitoring equipment, like flowmeters, that have to be located in a place where it is difficult to monitor. To solve this pain point, the process signal meter was invented.

External monitor for monitoring equipment

The process signal meter could be an external monitor for monitoring equipment. Through connecting with the process signal meter by the output terminal (4-20mA、pulse output) on the monitoring equipment, users are able to extend the signal to the process signal meter which is able to be installed at the place for easy monitoring.

Provide multiple ways of output for the monitoring equipment which there are no full output terminals on

Under certain circumstances, a process signal meter could be installed between the monitoring equipment and central control center for strengthening the output signal which was weak because of its installation location. For strengthening the output signal, the process signal meter will parse the received signal and then deliver it out. In addition, for some monitor equipment, there are only basic output terminals provided. Through the multiple ways of output on a process signal meter, it is more flexible for signal output for the equipment without full output terminals. For example, if a user is using a flowmeter without RS485 output, he can install a process signal meter which is able to transfer 4-20mA signal to RS485 for its well communication with central monitoring equipment.

The process signal meter can provide high current output to the warning siren with high-level power consumption.

Some back end devices of monitoring equipment have to be driven with high-level power consumption. Even if there is no high-level power consumption provided by most of the flowmeters, through the process signal meter, buzzers, sirens, or other devices working rely on high-level power consumption could be worked by its provided high-level power consumption.

The process signal meter is able to work with the control Panel

When a monitoring device is installed at the location where it is not convenient to operate by hands and monitor by eyes or the equipment is too complicated, for the convenience of operation and the centralized signal processing, staff on site will consider installing the process signal meter with the control Panel.

The process signal meter may cause the attenuation of output signal

The process signal meter is a kind of external device which is able to cause the attenuation of output signal by too long a distance, the accuracy of signal resolution, and other possible factors. As a result, users should be very considerate when choosing a proper process signal meter.

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