Röchling (Roechling) SUSTAPEI MG PEI Color Plate and Rod

High stiffness even at high temperatures, Very low smoke development, Good resistance against high energy radiation, Medical grade material

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Medical engineering


  • High stiffness even at high temperatures

  • Very low smoke development

  • Good resistance against high energy radiation

  • Medical grade material

Plate Size

  • Standard Dimension (Width & Depth):

- 2,000 x 620 mm

- 3,000 x 620 mm

Thickness: s 6...100 mm


  • Other sizes: Please ask by phone or on-line inquiry.


Rod Size

  • Length: 1,000/ 2,000/ 3,000 mm

     Diameter: Ø 6…200 mm


Color options

  • Amber


Pre-ordered colors

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Grey

  • Green

Brand Story

Röchling (Roechling) Engineering Plastics is a leading plastic manufacturer of a broad range of semi-finished basic shapes from Germany. Röchling Engineering Plastics manufactures and sells Polystone® thermoplastic shapes such as Polystone® M UHMW-PE, Polystone® G HDPE and Pipe Grade HDPE, PVC, PEEK, and Polystone® P Polypropylene sheet products. These products are available in MegaSheet which is the largest sheet available anywhere. We can supply these sheets in thickness ranging from 3/8" to 4". They can be used as one huge sheet or cut to achieve an endless variety of sheet sizes. Röchling also manufactures Durostone® CHP fiberglass reinforced materials for soldering operations in printed circuit board assembly.


Röchling Engineering Plastics is the only manufacturer in the U.S. to be ISO 13485:2003 Certified that supplies a broad product offering of engineering plastic stock shapes to the medical market. The ISO 13485:2003 certification represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacturing of medical devices including:

  • Controls to Ensure Product Safety
  • Risk Management Activities
  • Inspection and Traceability
  • Documentation and Validation of Processes
  • Verification of the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions




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