Patented ultrasonic flowmeters plastic guide rails for probes

Patented products, For installing probes of ultrasonic flowmeters, High chemical resistance, Applicable for 2"- 16"pipe
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PCB wet process | Panel industry | Semiconductor | Water treatment | Food Manufacturing | Dyeing | Chemical industry | Waste water without large particle

  • According to the size of probes, plastic guide rail will be applicable for 2 to 16 inch pipes.
  • LORRIC plastic guide rail is designed to increase convenience and reliability of probes installation. It solves the problem of probe’ displacement caused by temperature and vibration, and prevents the probes from the impact of being installed inappropriately during maintenance.
  • LORRIC patent guide rail helps probes be perfectly installed onto the pipes. As a result, The measurements are more stable and more accurate.
  • The only all plastic guide rail in the market is suitable for measuring chemicals in electrics, chemical, semiconductor, and environmental industries.
  • Must be purchased with LORRIC ultrasonic flow meters, FU-TX-310.
  • Standard type:PVC
  • Possible to be order made with other materials requests.


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We take high quality smithing metal to produce solid and durable products by detail turning.
We promise never using recycled materials.
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