BB Series - Plastic Stoper nozzle with easy installed pipe clamp nozzle

For stopping spraying
Easy adjustable, Easy installed
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General Features
  • Female nut for fixing nozzle is easy to loosen for adjusting nozzle angle.
  • Amazingly easy to drill a hole instead of a thread on pipe and fix on it with our exclusive pipe clamp without any tool.
  • For stopping spaying if one or few of holes on pipe need to be.
  • Installation hole diameter:

      ● Ø 15 (14.3~15mm)

      ● Ø 17 (16.4~17mm)

      ● Ø 20 (19.0~20mm)8.35 ∼ 9m/m

  • Pipe size:

      ● 1"(OD34 +/-0.3mm)

      ● 1-1/4"(OD42+/-0.3mm)

      ● 1-1/2"(OD48 +/-0.4mm)


Material Options


Material Guarantees
We take high quality smithing metal to produce solid and durable nozzles by detail turning.
We promise never using recycled materials
High Quality
All material is purchased from world top providers.


Product Size

  • Installation hole diameter

      ● Ø 15 (14.3~15m/m)

      ● Ø 17 (16.4~17m/m)

      ● Ø 20 (19.0~20m/m)

  • Fits 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" size (Taiwan standard PVC pipe size) pipe.



Easy installing with 6 simple steps !
Step 1.

Drill a installation hole in the pipe which match the size of the EB installation hole.

Step 2.

Aim and snap on the installation hole of the EB clamp at the pipe installation hole.

Step 3.
Fasten with the pipe clamp.
Step 4.

Release the union nut to adjust angle of the TB ball.

Step 5.

Confirm the spray direction.

Step 6.

Tighten the union and finished.