① A Shockproof design which creates zero contact between the flowmeter and the box.

In order to prevent damage to shipped products, LORRIC thought of a way to place the product inside without touching the interior of the box. With our design, we can mitigate the possibility of damage during shipping.


During phase 1 of the design stage of our flowmeter packaging, we planned to combine the molded cardboard inserts with the box. However, after initial tests, we transitioned the idea and chose to separate the box and molded plastic insert. The latter which fits perfectly inside the package. Two benefits accompany this idea. First, the cone-shape mold fully protects the product inside by keeping it from touching the interior of the box. Secondly, this design requires less material which leads to more sustainable manufacturing and cost-savings for the client.


In addition, LORRIC developed this molded plastic insert with such detail that the gaps on the union thread are easily hooked which prevents the flow meter from rotating in the box.


It took hundreds of times redesigning, testing and making modifications before the final product was used for our clients. This relatively small project carries the spirit of LORRIC which is “paranoid about performance.” This spirit is carried through every project executed in LORRIC.


 ② Motivation behind the external design including brand logo, outline and readable graphics.

The most recent external design of the flowmeter package was created with larger font for the brand name and outline of the product. LORRIC wants to display the beauty of the product in the outline which will draw people's attention. In other words, it speaks volumes of the confidence LORRIC has in our products.


 ③ LORRIC’s environmentally conscious mindset practiced in package design

  • Material selection We prefer uncolored, corrugated fiberboard for the material of the packing box. The reason being, is that uncolored corrugated fiberboards are easy to recycle. For the inner molded plastic insert we used recyclable PET material. At the same time, PET is also transparent material which makes the product inside apparent when users open the box.
  • Single color adopted The external design uses just a black color. Multiple colors are commonly used in packaging, but we refrained from using too much ink which reflects LORRIC’s environmentally conscious mindset.
  • Soy ink adopted In order to meet EU environmental regulations, LORRIC uses only soy ink to print in our new flow meter package. It does not only reduce pollution during the printing process, but also allows for our packaging to be recycled.
  • Manufacturing process reduce LORRIC adopted a simple square-shaped box for our packaging. We are dedicated to simplify all our manufacturing processes in order to reduce material waste.