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An undeniable advantage

our products offer the potential for sales and development across a wide range of industries. Whether you have no experience, experience selling to a single industry, or globally to multiple industries, the opportunity to find prospects are unlimited.


Why should you join us?

LORRIC is the main supplier of nozzles for the electronic and other related industries in Taiwan.

LORRIC Taiwan plays a key role worldwide in the manufacturing and supplying of facilities and equipment. Being Taiwan’s primary supplier of nozzles in the domestic market gives LORRIC a strong background to excel on a global scale.

LORRIC is experienced on an international scale, selling to many countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our goal is to have our products distributed in as many countries as possible.

LORRIC provides lucrative distributor discounts for the creation of successful sales revenue: provides on demand product education for understanding LORRIC products in preparation for sales.

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